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Plaschem invests 1.000 billion dongs to build BOPP factory in Long An


It is expected that when comes into operation, Tu Phuong BOPP Film Factory will produce about 50.800 tons of product, contributing in meeting BOPP film demand in Vietnam.

Plaschem has just said that this enterprise has recently invested 1.000 billion dongs to buil Tu Phuong BOPP Film Factory phase 1. The factory has an area of 40.000 m2 built in Tu Phuong Plastic Industry Cluster, Tan An city, Long An province.

The entire machinery line is imported Bruckner (Germany) and ancillary equipment of Atlas (United Kingdom) - the world's leading technology equipment manufacturer in BOPP film production technology.

BOPP film products are an essential product that companies print, design, and apply to a variety of soft packaging for foods such as instant noodles, confectionery, coffee, etc…. BOPP films are also applied for plating film, laminating film on paper packaging, carton packaging, labels, book covers, magazines,… by the packaging manufacturers. In addition, BOPP film is also used for adhesive tapes on cartons, bags for clothes, CD bag, cigarette pack, flower wrapping paper, food wrapping paper...

The representative of Tu Phuong BOPP Film Factory confirmed that, compared with the existing BOPP film products, Tu Phuong BOPP Film is produced on the synchronous machinery line with a width of 8,7m and applied the most modern technology in the world today that will produce outstanding advantage fineshed films in the market. Accordingly, the product meets the high requirements of current film printers such as flat film, high-printing speed, premium print,…Besides, it’s price and delivery time are more advantaged than imported product’s. 

With the expected total output, the factory will supply 70% of output to the dosmetic market and 30% of output for export.