Plastic industry

Plaschem Group has been increasingly asserting its position not only in the domestic market but also in foreign markets such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the US in the field of supplying and manufacturing plastic products in Vietnam. Typical products such as plastic packaging, plastic tarpaulin with the best quality have been widely applied in construction, agriculture, and transportation.

In addition to packaging, plastic tarpaulin, some other typical products of the company must include plastic bags used in many industrial parks or Jumbo bags - a high-quality bag for mining, building materials and agriculture sectors according to FIBC standards. In particular, the Group is investing in a line system using the most advanced and modern technology from Europe to produce and bring BOPP film products to the market.



Address:Factory No.1 : Phu Thi – Gia Lam – Ha Noi
              Factory No.2 : Duong Xa – Gia Lam – Ha Noi

In July 2002, the factory officially went into operation and entered the market with only 01 production line system for output of 300 tons/month. So far, through each stage of development, the factory has invested in completing 05 lines of PE Tarpaulin with a total output of up to 1600 tons/month.

Currently, the factory consists of 2 production workshops:

  • WS1 was built in November, 2001 with a total area of about 10,000m2
  • WS2 was built in 2005 year with a total area of about 18,000m

The factory's products are manufactured by imported primary plastics on a system of modern and advanced European machinery and technology lines provided by Starlinger from the Republic of Austria.



Address: Duong Danh, Duong Xa commune, Gia Lam district, Ha Noi

Established in November 2012, Tu Phuong Jumbo bag Manufacturing is mainly producing Jumbo bags, container bag, sling bag (FIBC) with loading capacity from 500 – 3.000kg to maximize transportation and storage capacity in cement, sugar, fertilizer, agriculture, petrochemical and logistic packaging industry
FIBC specification:
• Top: spout/skirt/flap/open
• Body: with/without lamination.
• Bottom: spout/discharged/flat
• Customized according to customers’ requirements.

With a modern production line, a team of experienced engineers, skilled workers. Every month, our factory can produce 180,000 Jumbo bags to serve domestic demand and export to Japan.



Address: No. 6, Loi Binh Nhon Industrial Cluster, Loi Binh Nhon Commune, Tan An City, Long An Province, Vietnam

In early 2013, PLASCHEM invested in Tu Phuong AD* Star Factory in Long An Province with convenient location, close to the highway and 40km from the port. The total initial investment was $ 15 million with total area of 20,000m2 and over 350 employees. With dedication and experience in industry, the production reaches 13 million block bottom bags / month (156 million bags / year).Due to available reputation in the industry, we quickly established a stable customer base from the North – South. In the South, our major customers are Vietnam Cement Industry Group, Ha Tien Vicem Cement Corporation, Cement Son, Bim Son Cement, Hai Van Cement, Haiphong Vissai Cement Group , Cam Pha Cement,  Phuc Son Cement, Chinfon Cement, Thang Long Cement, Hoang Long Cement…

Due to the characteristic of most cement factory in Vietnam, 70% of products are transported by river so the bags should require quality and good durability. Currently we are offering 40-50% yield for Philippines & Vietnam Holcim with stable quality.



Address: Tu Phuong Industrial Cluster, Loi Binh Nhon Commune, Tan An City, Long An Province, Vietnam.

Located on a land area of 40,000 m2 in Tu Phuong Industrial Cluster – Long An province, Tu Phuong BOPP Film Factory is a major project implemented by Plastic Chemicals Group Joint Stock Company (PLASCHEM) in 2020.

Tu Phuong BOPP Film is one of 800 lines transferred by Bruckner Maschinenbau, a worldwide leading supplier of tailor-made engineering solutions and services for the plastics and packaging industry, founded in 1960 in Germany.

Compatible with most of the latest printer models, Tu Phuong BOPP film has many outstanding advantages compared to other products on the market: film quality, high printing speed, competitive pricing strategies, customer support policies and delivery schedule as per expectation… Operated by a team of international engineers with over 30 years of experience, definitely, Tu Phuong BOPP Film is a smart choice for the market.